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Tryout Dates

10U - 12U (birth years 2014-2011)

Wednesday May 11 and Thursday May 12 at West View Elementary.

Please arrive early to check in.


2013/2014 Academy Assessments will be from 6:00-7:00 

       2011/2012 tryouts will be from 7:00-8:00.


13U-19U (birth years 2010-2004)

Tuesday May 24 and Wednesday May 25 at GCAA Soccer Complex.

Times and registration link coming soon.  

Depending on the number of travel-ready players at tryouts, some of our younger teams may be co-ed. Our goal is to have teams at every age group, but some teams are mixed birth years.  Please remember this is an ALL VOLUNTEER program.  If you have any interest in starting and coaching a travel team, please contact

The safety of our players and parents is our first priority.  We will be following State and NCYSA guidelines regarding safety protocols during this time and for the upcoming season.  



  • Registration $250 per season per player

  • Team dues- vary by team

  • Team dues are generally $35-$50 per month for 4-5 months per season

  • Uniform kits- required home and away jerseys, shorts, socks, approximately $200

  • Uniform kits are good for two full years, depending on purchase cycle

  • Most teams have at least one tournament requiring hotel stay per season 

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya


  •  Fall season training starts in August

  •  Fall season runs through November

  •  Spring season training starts in January

  •  Spring season ends in May

  •  Regular season generally has 8-10 games

  •  Games can be scheduled both Saturday and Sunday

  •  Teams can also play weekend long tournaments

  •  Tournaments are both local and travel required

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