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Local, Affordable, Flexible, & Competitive Soccer

Cleveland United is easily the most affordable travel soccer club in the area and we are the very definition of ‘local’ for the areas we serve.  This makes it a very workable solution for busy families with multiple kids who may play multiple sports.  Being an all volunteer run organization helps us keep costs down, but it does not mean that our teams are any less competitive and Cleveland United teams regularly win local, regional and out-of-state tournaments.


Here is a general breakdown of the affordability that families can expect when they play for Cleveland United:

  • Registration = $250

This is per season, per player ($250 for Fall / $250 for Spring)


  • Uniform kits = $200 (approx) 

This consists of required home & away jerseys, shorts, socks (multiple pairs if your child is prone to losing them!).  Uniform kits are good for two full years, depending on purchase cycle


  • Team dues = $30 - $50 per month, per team

Team dues will vary by team based on how many players there are, how many tournaments they may play in, what scheduling league they join, etc.  These will be set up by the team manager and may be spread out monthly over the season or ‘front-loaded’ to ensure teams have funds to play in early season tournaments.


  • Travel = Variable

Travel costs are the responsibility of the family and are not paid by the club or the team.  Most teams have at least one tournament requiring hotel stay per season (often two nights) and older, more established teams may play two or three tournaments a season.  Some tournaments have a ‘stay-to-play’ policy requiring a minimum block of rooms be reserved.

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